About Sherin

My name is Sherin and I'm a 20-something, fashion-obsessed, Londoner. I'm a Politics graduate, and am currently working in digital marketing, while spending as many weekends as possible travelling.


I started this blog, along with a friend, back in January 2009, after we discovered the wonderful world of Fashion Blogging and the amazing community behind it. We initally started blogging about trends and outfits, and since then, Leia has left to start her own blog, so this one is all mine :-)

I absolutely love  fashion, so the fashion blog, HiFashion, is a way for me to express my love for it, along with anything interesting that I get up to. I absolutely love blogging and love all the blogger friends that I've met over the last few years. I have switched to reading fashion blogs from magazines, and get all my latest trend news from other blogs.

Any more questions? Give me an E-mail - hifashion.sl@gmail.com - or find me on Facebook or Twitter I love receiving emails and Tweets. I am also available for freelance work, so definitely get in touch.

Sherin xx

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