Monday, 23 April 2018

Wedding Guest Look

Sometimes an outfit doesn't go to plan, no matter how long in advance you plan ahead. We were recently invited to a Pakistani wedding and I had my outfit planned right from the start.

I had the whole look planned: A dress that I loved wearing and one that I've worn before so knew it would be perfect. I tried it on the day before and even put up an Instagram of it.

So I got ready for the wedding: did my hair and make up and changed into my outfit about 20 minutes before we were due to leave but the zipper broke off in my hand! I stood for a minute looking at the broken zip in my hand, letting the panic rise. 

Luckily, my sister in law came to the rescue and she had an outfit perfect for a Pakistani wedding ready to go.

Have you ever had a last minute wardrobe malfunction?

Sherin xx

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Cee said...

I remember seeing your instagram of that outfit, and then the subsequent instagram of you wearing something totally different, and being totally confused. I'm lucky nothing like this has ever happened to me, but then again, most weddings I go to just require a regular dress, so I always have tons of options to choose from in my closet.

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