Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Rose Dress

Rose print is becoming a favourite trend of mine. I have a rose printed playsuit so naturally also love my dress in the same print.

I wore this for a morning walk in Lisbon. We were lucky to have a really bright morning on our second day so it was so perfect to be in a light dress walking around. No faffing around with coats and scarves. Oh how I long for the days for the weather to be better in London now.

This morning in Lisbon reminded me just how much I love wandering around without a care in the world, discovering new spots and I can't wait to do this in London - summer just comes with the feeling of being so carefree.

Dress - Tobi
Shoes - Keds

What's your favourite print of the moment?

Sherin xx

3 comments: said...

Super cute! I love Plaid right now, doe sthat count as a print!

LillianZahra said...

This dress is so cute! I love a floral print, too! x

Cee said...

The weather is Lisbon is so funny, I love how it can change from gloom and pouring rain to bright sunshine in just a few hours. This playsuit is the perfect choice for a sunny day in Portugal, so fun and carefree.

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