Monday, 16 April 2018

Lisbon Day 3

Our final day in Lisbon was as beautiful as the previous two. It started off raining but cleared out into a beautiful day.

We started off in Sao Jorges Castle, where we spent the morning walking around and admiring all the views.
We then went to Miradouro de Santa Luzia, where the view was amazing. It was great to be able to see the city from above.

Finally, the rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the streets of Barrio Alto and Alfama, before ending the day with another batch of Portuguese nata's.

Outfit details can be found here

Now that I've ticked Lisbon off my list, is there anywhere else in Portugal you would recommend visiting?

Sherin xx


Cee said...

Lisbon is the only Portuguese city I've ever visited and I'd really like to go back. I've also heard wonderful things about Porto.

LillianZahra said...

I love Lisbon - such a photogenic city! Porto is really nice too, its a little smaller but just as pretty! x

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