Monday, 12 March 2018

Keeping it cropped

Over the last few months, I've struggled a bit with my weight. I over indulged over the summer, which then continued into a few overindulgent holidays, and then an even more overindulgent Christmas.

I've had distant family tell me that I've put on weight and I've strayed away from anything too revealing or bodycon recently. And then it hit me, it shouldn't matter to anyone how I look - I'm actually fitting into the same clothes as a few years ago and I'm happier now, more than ever and people who's opinions I actually care about have given me nothing but compliments.

For the above reason, I really didn't think I'd be rocking a crop top anytime soon, but I decided to stop caring about what people might think, and decided to wear something that is absolutely stunning. This nude top is such a gem - the sleeves are so cool and I really loved the wrap around style. It's such a fun piece to wear and I loved styling it for a night out recently. I felt so natural and comfortable in it and definitely felt my confidence increasing the longer I wore. I'm officially branding this crop top as my confidence top!

Top - Tobi
Jeans - GAP
Shoes - Tamaris

How do you guys feel about crop tops?

Sherin xx

1 comment:

Cee said...

I've worn a few crop tops over the years, but mostly I'm not comfortable in them. That said - if you feel comfortable in one, you should be able to wear it no matter what shape or size you may be. And no one has any right to tell you differently! This look is gorgeous on you.

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