Monday, 19 February 2018

The winter night out look

Winter. It seems like we've had it in the UK for years now. The nights are constantly never ending, and the few daylight hours we are usually spent indoors.

In the past, I usually shut myself off in the winter, insisting on friends coming round instead of going out, arming myself in a hoody. But this winter, boredom hit me - the boredom with both my fashion and with winter as well. I found myself yearning to be outside, doing something, despite the cold. And so I feel this is the winter where I found out how to actually work with winter fashion, and stockpiled a whole bunch of cuter winter outfits.

On such is this jumpsuit below. Something I've had for about two years, but not worn too often. This piece is the perfect winter night out outfit. It's got long trousers, to keep me legs warm, but also a sparkly top to give it some glam. All I have to do is put on some heels and lipstick, and this jumpsuit is ready to go.

Jumpsuit - Quiz
Shoes - Call It Spring

Also - this jumpsuit has pockets - what a winner.

Sherin xx

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Cee said...

For the past decade, I've been able to stay relatively active and social in the winter. It does rain in Vancouver, which is tiresome for sure, but no matter what anyone says, it really doesn't get cold enough to stop you from doing anything. Coming to Winnipeg where the temperatures are so low that you skin freezes has been a major adjustment - and I'm definitely feeling that winter boredom. Good for you for finding a way to get out of it.

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