Monday, 5 February 2018

A night in Paris

I recently travelled to Disneyland Paris (more on that later) but we decided to stay the night in Paris on the way back.

I've been to Paris multiple times over the years but I still don't feel like I know Paris as well as I should. We stayed in the cutest AirBnB in Le Marais and spent the afternoon and evening hopping from bar to restaurant, taking in all the culinary delights.
We started with Tacos at Candelaria (much recommended) before grabbing drinks at The Red Door, and then ended with dinner at Derriere - so all in all a very fun evening.

Jumper - Great Plains
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - M&S

Do you have any hidden eating spots in Paris?

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

So chic! Love the booties!


Cee said...

I could go on about places to eat in Paris for hours - no, probably days. But my favourite restaurant in the city has been the same since 2009. It's called Afghani and it's a little place hidden on the side of the hill in Montmartre. The menu and prices have never changed in all the years we've been eating there, and the food is beyond amazing every single time. We've celebrated almost every major event in our lives there over the years.

Winnie said...

I love Paris! I've been once years ago for about a week and it was the best time ever. I'd really love to go back actually and rediscover it again as it was so long ago. I loved yours and Reena's photos! You guys are too cute.

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