Thursday, 28 December 2017

Guadeloupe Day 3

My third day in Guadeloupe was one of the best experiences of my life ever. We started really early and caught an 8am speed boat to a deserted island: Petite Terre. An island so deserted, that only the lighthouse owner lives there, and there is a quote of the number of people allowed there per day. On the day we went, there were about 30-40 people on the whole island!

Top - Oasis
Shorts - ASOS

We spent the first hour or so hiking up to the lighthouse. The island is home to 10,000 iguana's so we spotted a few of them on the way. Then we spent the rest of the day snorkelling. It was such a magical experience - we saw tropical fish, and we even had a few small lemon sharks swimming in the area.

Have you been snorkelling before?

Sherin xx

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