Friday, 8 September 2017

Beyond the Cocktail Dress – Outfits for every drink!

I was thinking about cocktail dresses the other day and how great it would be to have a life revolving around cocktail parties. But then I thought: why don’t we have more beverage-themed outfits? Hydration is important, and I can’t live on Caipirinhas alone!

As you can see, I am as likely to be chilling out with a drink in a watermelon or a lemonade, so I thought it’d be fun to play around matching drinks with outfits.

So, a secret: I don’t like coffee at all! But literally every business woman stereotype in every film always has a woman striding into the office with a giant cup of five-shot expresso (Anna Kendrick in Up in theAir/Anne Hathaway in The Intern) taking full control of life.
As I don’t drink it, I had to turn to obviously do a Buzzfeed quiz to work out what kind of
coffee I am. I got: Pumpkin Spice Latte?

It does remind me of super cute Autumn outfits on Pinterest, and especially this look, with the burnt umber skirt with waist detail, and those killer boots.

Oh I love a tea party: it's all about taking a break from the real world. Think pretty dresses, cardigans, and cute jewellery. This embroidered denim dress from Needle & Thread is the dream tea party dress and is the perfect base for my favourite accessories.

Then I obviously have to know which biscuit to accessorise with.You can even accessorise the best biscuit with the best type of tea. (Forget the tea, I’ll just take the biscuits!)

Smoothies are fruit (or just veg) in its most Instagrammable form. I love a green smoothie in the summer. I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment, and have been working out a bit, so I'm drinking my green juices while wearing some stylish athleisure gear. This one in particular has me crazing for more gym time.

I also recently got myself a blender, so I'll also be trying this amazing recipe for a matcha and blueberry smoothie!!

So turns out Beer is the cool drink now, especially craft beer - every bar or pub I go to now, all the cool kids are drinking it. I do love the colour though - it'd be so easy to put together a matching outfit.

This Marc Jacobs dress is perfectly inspired by all the glitz of the gold beer labels and would work so well with a casual jacket thrown over it, or maybe dressed up with a wool cape.

I also found this cool beer match tool, where I can put in my food options, and it tells me the best beer to enjoy it with. You can also find some cool events to wear your new beer-inspired outfits to here as well.

There are so many types of water these days, but I tend to go for still over sparkling and fruit-infused over 'smart' water. From a fashion point of view though, the most inspiring thing about these fun water bottles is thinking of outfits that would go with them.

This chic Karen Millen pencil dress has interesting angles and the colour will show off your clear
complexion - from drinking all that water!

What is your go to drink for your night out and, more importantly, what would you wear with it?

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

Fab pairings! Love the coffee look!


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