Saturday, 8 July 2017

Dream looks for a dream holiday

There are two things in the world which I love the most: travelling and shopping. So basically a holiday where I can shop is a dream come true.

There are so many places on my holiday list, and Tuscany is up there near the top. What I only recently found out is that Tuscany is also a huge shopping destination, filled with designer outlets and small local markets, thanks to To Tuscany.

That means that, for me, a trip to Tuscany needs to be planned asap, and with that comes the decision of what to wear. I've gotten better packing for holidays and I hope that I would capture Tuscan style perfectly.

This outfit above would be my chilled outfit for wandering around and exploring the region. It's an easy going and relaxed look that I feel it would fit right in with the look of the locals. I would definitely go to the Leaning Tower in this outfit.

 This would easily be my vineyard look. I would explore the local vineyards and eat my weight in local cuisine. I think it would fit in quite well as it's such a lightweight look.

Easily a night out look, without a doubt. I love the colour of the shorts bit but this playsuit was made for Tuscany. Oh I would also advise taking a hat to Tuscany for when it gets really hot.

 When I think warm Italian holiday, I immediately think flowey dress. And this dress fits the bit perfectly. It would be perfect to wander around all the different locations and particularly for walking around the market.

What would your style tips for a Tuscan holiday?

Sherin xx


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Cee said...

I've been craving a trip back to Italy recently, even though I was just there - a good friend from Paris is Italian and she is visiting home in about three weeks, so I have Italy on my mind. I'm not great in the heat, so all of my Italian looks involve the loosest, most floaty dresses possible so I can try to stay cool, although I don't always succeed.

Tasha Frye said...

It's been ages! I love all the looks, especially the night out one, those printed shorts are fun and cute! A trip to Tuscany sounds perfect!

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