Monday, 28 March 2016

Bank Holiday Plans

I had all these grand plans on how I was going to spend my 4 days off, but when the rain started pouring, I was left hanging out at home, eating loads of Easter eggs, and watching a fair share of TV.

I also had time to actually sit down, give myself a manicure and read a magazine.

 photo 2016-03-26 10.26.53_zpspht8tszu.jpg

I love a bit of nude polish - it's one of my favourite nail colours to wear. I like that this one is slightly darker than the usual nude as well. 

And there's a copy of French Vogue in the background. I definitely over estimated my ability to read it but I need all the practice I can get ahead of a planned trip to France in the summer.

I did manage to leave the house, only to rule the Iron Throne. My fellow Game of Thrones fans will appreciate the below. 

 photo 2016-03-25 21.16.31_zpsw3minsri.jpg

What did you do over the Easter break?

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

Pretty mani!
Love Vogue - I read mine over the weekend too :)


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

You on the Iron Throne is perfection, Sherin! Also digging that mani shade!



I literally spent the bank holiday catching up on running errands and getting rest. I was too exhausted for a manicure, so I'm actually doing one now, lol. Good luck with the French learning. <3

Winnie said...

I love a nude nail! My favourite is almond by Barry M at the moment - it's like a nudey grey shade. I was SO gutted with the rain on the weekend but I luckily I didn't have any plans that relied on sunny dry weather. Glad you had a chilled one Sherin!

Kimberlee @ Petite in the City said...

So jealous of your Game of Thrones photo hehe the line to get into the exhibit when it came to NYC was 5 hours :( But you look fab!

Cee said...

I was in Paris working over easter break, but honestly, when you're working in Paris, there's nothing to complain about. I'm home now with three days off to rest after working for almost two weeks straight and I'm so glad to have a bit of time to rest!

Hira Rai said...

You on the Iron Throne is perfection ! Lovely Your Great :)

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