Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas With Greggs

We're getting closer to the time of the year when we can all pig out and enjoy the likes of mulled wine & mince. Christmas menus at restaurants are a lot more fun than the usual food.

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Early last week, Greggs sent over some goodies, via Santa, and gave me the chance to try out some of the food they have in store for this season.

 photo 2015-11-09 14.25.11_zpsyrwbwwql.jpg

Greggs, this winter, has a great selection of food and getting to try them out early was a real treat. I even got enough to share things around the office. The festive flatbread was a particular favourite. It is the ultimate lunch to remind you that it's nearly Christmas. It's filled with the most perfect stuffing and is so satisfying to eat. 
The Christmas Lunch sandwich is also as filling and great if you're in need of a quick lunch break. It is supper stuffed with sage and onion marinated turkey, finalised with cranberry and red onion relish, along with a lot more meat goodness filled in there.

 photo 2015-11-09 14.26.12_zpse87k69cd.jpg

The desserts were pretty good too. Mince pies are a soft spot for me and these ones were delicious! The muffin was equally as lovely. It's filled with mixed spice and sweet mincemeat, with a custard filling and icing on top - PERFECT!

Alongside the food, Santa also bought me a surprise present. New headphones! Ferrari ones at that. He knows I am an F1 fan and that I have a sweet spot for the Ferrari team, so these was a fantastic Christmas present.

 photo 2015-11-09 14.33.57_zpsomopt6ih.jpg

What are you eating this Christmas?

Sherin xx


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ah, such a fun way to receive a delivery - that dessert looks divine!


Cee said...

Oh gosh, it seems so early to be thinking about Christmas and yet when I saw that mince muffin with the custard topping, I thought may I could change my mind and go for a Christmas treat or two! Looks delicious.

Couture Carrie said...

Yummy goodies! I'm already getting excited for Christmas :)


Ida said...

We are eating turkey with red cabbage, potatoes with sauce :)

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