Monday, 3 August 2015

Feeling Rough

I took these outfit pictures while in Greece then had no intention of sharing them because of the roughness here. Then I thought 'why not'. The rough look is something I have to pull off at least once a week.

 photo 2015-07-04 13.03.44_zpsu3m2ncau.jpg

Hat: Accessorize
Top - H&M
Shorts: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Keds

 photo 2015-07-04 13.03.28_zpsdyfwgegk.jpg

So why was I feeling rough here? Well we went out the night before in true Greek style and got home at a solid 7am. Then decided at 11am that we should head to the local museum. I think these pictures were taken at midday and I was still really tired. I hadn't washed my hair and literally threw on the outfit without any make up and we headed out. It was a really nice museum but I wish my experience of it was less blurred. As you can see, I could barely open my eyes.

 photo 2015-07-04 13.03.46_zpsd14qmqrc.jpg

Sherin xx


Cee said...

I can't help but admire the fact that a) you are still able to stay out until 7 am and b) are alive by 11 am when you do and c) actually took outfit photos under those circumstances. Seriously. Those are things I cannot do anymore.


You are a true styleblogger/warrior, haha. Those type of days for me are over. lol. I think you still look casually nice, considering your night/morning. :)
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LillianZahra said...

Love the scallop edged shorts! And you don't look rough! x

LillianZahra said...

Love the scallop edged shorts! And you don't look rough! x

Couture Carrie said...

These pics are fab!
Love your look, especially the hat!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think you look fab regardless of your lack of sleep. Loving the hat!


Kimberlee @ I Have A Degree In This! said...

The "rough look" lol love it. Thanks for keeping it real :) You still look great!

Laura said...

You don't look rough at all, really cool outfit I'm liking your style xx

Ida said...

Love the colour on the short and the hat :D

Diane said...

i love scallop hemlines! these shorts are adorable on you!!!

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