Monday, 31 August 2015


We are in the midst of a long bank holiday weekend and this couldn't have come at a better time. So my family backed our bags and drove to the coast - Bournemouth - to spend a few days by the beach.

 photo 2015-08-29 12.46.16-2_zpsxbvxc8uy.jpg

Top - Mexx
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Shoes - Keds

 photo 2015-08-29 12.46.17_zpsayhsuwri.jpg

Not my most glamorous outfit but you can never be trusting of the British weather, hence the jeans. We were more or less lucky with the weather. We managed to get a whole day in the sun with the rain only coming later on in the evening, which is when we ran off to the aquarium.

 photo 2015-08-29 13.42.17_zpsnyx0fntz.jpg

Bournemouth is actually quite stunning - I can't believe I've never really been here before. The ocean sparkles and the seafront is lined up with the cutest little beach huts. There was also a beautiful pier we got to walk to the end of.

 photo 2015-08-29 12.46.15_zpsiy8sghvc.jpg

 photo 2015-08-30 10.06.17_zpslrtvh2az.jpg

How are you spending your bank holiday weekend?

Sherin xx


Rachel said...

This is not Santa Monica Pier. :D

Cee said...

Ah, bank holiday weekends - we have one coming up next week and even though it's Monday morning and I have a whole work week ahead of me, I'm still counting down to it. Although I won't be doing anything as lovely as going to Bournemouth. Rachel is right, its not Santa Monica Pier, but it does look pretty good to me :)


At least you got the change to enjoy semi-decent weather before the typical rain came in. I've not really been to Bournemouth.
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LillianZahra said...

Those beach huts are so cure! I haven't been to the British seaside for far too long. x

Couture Carrie said...

Cute casual look!


Ida said...

I love your tee :)
We dont have that holiday in Denmark, but soon I´m going to Marmaris :D

Dylan said...

This looks very cute..

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Kimberlee @ I Have A Degree In This! said...

Looks like a great place to relax. Well us Americans aren't on holiday but just went to Chicago which was a lot of fun :) But "Labor Day" here, just went to Jersey with the fam

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