Monday, 20 July 2015

Red Bull Soapbox

A few weekends ago I went to the Red Bull Soapbox Race. For those of you who don't know, it is essentially home made cars being pushed down a long and steep hill.

 photo 2015-07-12 15.23.11-1_zpsxa71qpma.jpg

T-shirt - New Look
Sweatshirt - Venice Beach
Jeans - Pull & Bear

 photo 2015-07-12 15.23.14_zpswvritynx.jpg

It was such a fun way to spend the day and it there were so many laughs all day. Especially when the biggest cheers came from the biggest crashes.
As you see, my make up is a bit on the comical side here. They were doing face painting and taking pictures and I obviously couldn't resist being part of it all.
These shoes were perfect for the occasion. I wore them for the first time here and have been wearing them tons since. There were so comfortable and were great for walking up the huge hill to get to the event. And they have the cutest cute outs at the side, making them stand out.

 photo 2015-07-12 15.23.15_zpsudkwlgu5.jpg

I also bumped into Danielle while there and we had so much fun just relaxing and taking in the atmosphere.

 photo 2015-07-12 13.05.01_zpspn13nfci.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1437334012848_zpsaunlyhki.jpg

Sherin xx


Caramella said...

What a fun day!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun!
Love your pink bag!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This looks like such a fun event, Sherin. Also pertinent: your sweatshirt, I want it!


Kimberlee @ I Have A Degree in This! said...

Those soap box races look like so much fun. Love your mustache ;)


Fun times! Glad to see that you always enjoy yourself. Love your boots. x
Elegance & Simplicity

Cee said...

I've always found soapbox derby racing totally hilarious - especially the crashes. Can't help it ;) This sounds like such a fun afternoon and not going to lie, I think your face paint is awesome.

Ida said...

Haha that looks so fun :)

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