Friday, 15 May 2015

Beauty in the US

As you're reading this, I would have just touched down in LA. It's my first trip to the US and I'm so excited. The thing I'm excited for the most is the shopping, particularly beauty shopping. I always get so jealous about what my favourite US bloggers are talking about so I've been making lists of brands and products that I can get in LA. Naturally I was in need of some help, so Kim from I Have A Degree In This came to the rescue. Read on as she shares her favourite US beauty products.

5 American Beauty Brands to Try

Reading Sherin's posts, I always envy the wonderful beauty brands that you Europeans have access to. She also comments on my posts about brands she wishes were available in the UK. So we thought it would be a good idea to swap posts about this topic. I've rounded up my list of brands you should try if you ever visit the United States:

1. Sephora - I was shocked and horrified to hear that you don't have a Sephora. I give all my money to that store lol. Shopping online there is my preferred method because they offer (basically) daily deals so you can add on a perk to your order. Sephora is not only home to hundreds of fabulous brands but they also have their own beauty collection, which is nice because it can be cheaper than the brands at the store. I recently tried their eye masks, which were fun and only $5. If you're ever here in America then I highly recommend visiting a store. It's like makeup heaven.

2. Julep - Sherin tells me that you guys don't have much access to this brand. For those who don't know, it started out as a nail polish subscription box. Now they've expanded into beauty products and have some nail parlors around the US. They really feed my nail polish addiction. I recently enjoyed their lip crayon and Konjac sponge.

3. Tarte - Another brand I hear is difficult to get a hold of, which is a bummer. They're a really great cruelty free brand. Not sure if this is a similar issue in the UK but a lot of the "all-natural, cruelty free" products just don't have the same pigment or quality as the others. So I was really excited when I found out about this brand. I even featured them at a green beauty event I hosted. Current fave is their lip pigment in flush.

4. Pacifica - Pacifica is all-natural, vegan friendly brand that it's available in select stores like Ulta (similar to a Sephora) and Target. Most all-natural products tend to be a little pricier (like with Tarte) so it was hard to introduce it into my routine. However, Pacifica is very reasonably priced (hence why it's in stores like Target). They have a great range of scents (everything smells amazing!) and products. I recently became a fan of their deodorant wipes and my cousin is a huge fan of their candles.

I've also shared my favourite UK beauty products with her, so check out her blog for my tips.

Sherin xx 


Cee said...

The lack of Sephora in the UK really is a shame - Sherin, you're going to have a field day there! Enjoy your holiday :)

LillianZahra said...

I'm off to the US tomorrow - can't wait to hit Sephora! Enjoy LA, I'm off to Vegas so sunshine for us both! x

Couture Carrie said...

Happy travels, darling!
Love Julep :)



You're right some brands are difficult to buy in other parts of the world. Glad that you are enjoying your stay in LA. I always stock up on Sephora products regardless. haha. <3
New Look & New Inspiration <3

Kimberlee @ I Have A Degree in This! said...

YEY have fun in LA!

Thanks for guest posting :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love Kim's blog, so I am super excited to 'read' her voice here today - she recommended some of my favorites!

I can't believe you're in LA right now!!


Imogen said...

WOW!!! So exciting you are in the US. It would be my dream to go there one day. The shopping must be great, I hear those brand names around and want to try them so much.

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