Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Timex Watches

Me and watches is a love that most readers should know by now. I have quite a few in my collection and I'm always looking to add more.

I recently went to have a look at the newest and upcoming Timex collections and I was really impressed. There was a great mix of classic style, fashion and functionality.

Let's start with the old school classics. This is a design often spotted with other brands, but Timex were the front runners on this.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.07.35_zpsifumyki0.jpg

 photo 2015-04-10 09.07.28_zpsx2htsaem.jpg

There were also some timeless classics - these are the pieces that you can wear day after day, no matter the occasion.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.08.10_zps4arquzi7.jpg

 photo 2015-04-10 09.11.16_zpscerqcalr.jpg

And if you want a bit of spice to your classics with the coloured dials.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.09.06_zpsbkb03mqa.jpg 

There were also a lot of really cool and trendy pieces. I fell in love with all of these the instant that I saw them. These ones below were definite favourites!

 photo 2015-04-10 09.09.10_zpshim67wrg.jpg

 photo 2015-04-10 09.09.19_zpskxflxlvs.jpg

Timex have been around since 1854 so it's safe to say that they know how to make watches that last. With so many different styles and straps (some of which are interchangeable), there really is something for everyone.

 photo 2015-04-10 09.06.59_zpscymgxyh1.jpg

Sherin xx



I am like you and have quite a watch collection. I like the silver band, and pink face watch here.
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Cee said...

I had a Timex watch growing up but haven't thought of them in years. I currently have two classic watches that I never get tired of wearing, but I will definitely look at Timex when 'm in the market for a new one :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love the polka dot ones!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Loving the old school classics!


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