Monday, 2 February 2015

Night Out Essentials

My favourite pieces are always those that I know will see me through a night out. My nights have a habit of escalating pretty fast, and my last one saw me waiting in the snow at 3am for a cab. All in good fun though.
I love dressing up more than anything for these nights and here are some of my new favourite accessories to have with me on my nights out.

Heels are my favourite for a night out, naturally. With it being so cold at the moment, heeled boots are my go to. They look nice and glamorous, but are also really warm. These Bronx beauts are my personal favourites at the moment. I'm pretty much wearing them every time I go out and they're perfect for dancing the night away - although I think they need a good clean after all the dingy clubs I've worn them to.

 photo SAM_3802_zps59d52457.jpg

I don't go all out with my bling on a night out. Like with my day-to-day jewellery, I still like to keep it pretty simple with delicate and subtle pieces. I recently got this bracelet from JewelStreet and literally haven't taken it off since. JewelStreet are a new online jewellery retailer and focus on everything from new designers to more established brands, such as Fiorelli.

 photo SAM_3809_zpsac6802d1.jpg

This bracelet is from Sugar Mango and it's the prettiest. Sugar Mango was founded by Alison Timmons in the UK. It's a nice little brand and Timmons hand selects all the gems that she use in her jewellery. A lot of her inspiration comes from India and you can see this in some of pieces, which use a lot of colour. The pieces all look really wearable and are perfect for everyday use.

 photo SAM_3812_zps1fbedec8.jpg

I keep my make up pretty normal and bare too if I can help it. Concealer and red lipstick is always a must for me, but I've recently discovered the newest Benefit mascara and I'm a fan. They're Real is, obviously, a legendary product but the new Roller Lash looks like another winner - I got it with the latest Elle Magazine. The mascara brush is curved and adds a nice curl to your lashes as well as adding some length.

 photo 2015-01-31180300_zpsd333aa60.jpg

Sherin xx


Ago Prime said...


Maria Fallon said...

Those boots are killer, I would never be able to walk in them but I bet you look awesome!

Maria xxx

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Le sigh...those boots are so perfect for a night out!


Kimberlee @ I Have A Degree in This! said...

Oooo la la. Love Benefit's They're Real mascara!

Cee said...

Those boots are fabulous! I don't do a lot of nights out, but this is me, so I'd totally wear them everyday ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing booties!


Scat1947 said...

like you blog!

Johanna V said...

Great choices! I adore the shoes a lot! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my bracelet, so glad you love it, it's my favourite too! X Sugar Mango


Yes, I agree, heeled boots are definitely my favourite for nights out when it's cold. Love your boots here. <3 /Madison
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