Monday, 19 January 2015

2015 Fashion Resolutions

I kind of miss doing outfit posts. It's just so cold and I've been so ill, that I'm literally only wearing jeans and ugly jumpers.

It might be a bit late to start thinking about resolutions for 2015, but it's still January, so I'm making it count. 2014 saw me buy more quality pieces and basics that I'll wear more. And it also had me spend more times in heels and be comfortable in them.
But I have been thinking of the fashion changes I'd like to make this year.

Wear tights

As soon as the cold weather comes, I forget about my dresses and skirts, and go straight for my denim. I hate that none of my summer pieces are left abandoned. I'm planning on getting these out again over the next few months and wear them with a pair of tights.

Add in some colour

I wore yellow this one time. It was fun.But apart from the odd dark green, most of my wardrobe is black, grey, white or navy. I feel like I need to inject more colour in my wardrobe, especially in the winter. I feel like this might cheer me up a it more sometimes.

 photo DSCF4485_zps1b92d7ca.jpg

Statement accessories

I have a lot of dainty and small pieces of jewellery, which I wear on a daily basis. I also have quite a few statement pieces, which I love but struggle to wear. These are everything from cocktail rings to fun statement necklaces. The necklaces in particular I want to wear more - with some neutral tops maybe.

Buy a Phillip Lim

Particularly this Pashli satchel. I've had my eye on it for a while now, and I think it's time for me to invest in a nice designer handbag.

 photo 485-3000873-AS130179SKCBLACK_BLACK_M_zps6d56ed4d.jpg

Wear this leather jacket

I love this jacket so much, but have only worn it a few times for some reason. I'm determined to wear it a lot more.

Wear flats sometimes

I've worn a lot of heels this year, even for day to day reasons, such as work or family events. My knees have taken the full brunt of it though, so they are in pain sometimes, not to mention all those times I've had to soak my feet in warm water. I have a lot of flats, and some of them are really cute, so I'm going to try to wear them a bit more.

 photo SAM_2183_zps95b67062.jpg

Find an excuse to wear this dress

Seriously, can someone have a black tie event or a super formal/posh (or even fancy dress) party so I can wear this dress? I wear it quite a bit around the house - for no reason - but I want to wear it out.

 photo SAM_0831_zps3c1b39bf.jpg

What are your 2015 style resolutions?

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing resolutions!
I need to start wearing more color too.



There's nothing wrong with wanting to wear a posh frock. I love that you want to add colour to your wardrobe too. :)
Weekend Brunch

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love your fashion resolutions! I'm thinking of investing in a designer handbag this year, as well. Sadly, I've got my eye on something that's a bit outrageously priced. :/

Unknown said...

very nice new year resolutions and don't forget to wear thick tights!

The Many Shades of Black Fashion Hosiery

LillianZahra said...

I need to start doing outfit pictures again, too. Although I need the awful weather to stop first! x

Sofies closet said...

Cool resolutions!
I love the first outfit with the yellow pants :D

Cee said...

Good luck with your resolutions, Sherin! I find as soon as I make a resolution, I go out and do the exact opposite, so I'm trying to avoid it this year ;)

Unknown said...

i love the long dress!!

Kimberlee said...

Great resolutions! I'm all about the flats ;) hehe

You should definitely try to tie in your dresses with tights and layers.

Zolanda said...

I'll try to get married this year so that you can wear that dress to my wedding. With flats.

Unknown said...

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