Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winter Knits

Me and winter fashion don't get on very well. I don't really like bundling up in layers or wearing such thick socks that I can't fit into my shoes.

I do like jumpers though, so I tend to stock up on those and just wear the same jeans and boots all winter.

 photo SAM_3543_zps041e867f.jpg

There are so many cute jumpers out there and this one from Next is one that I can see myself wearing a lot. Really loving how fun it is. 
Expect to see more of it this winter, alongside more cosy sweaters. 

What are your favourite winter pieces?

Sherin x


Sofies closet said...

Love the colors of the knit :D

grinnerlynn said...

Will you be wearing any of those Christmas jumpers. Big elves and Christmas trees? :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a cute sweater - I love the print for winter!


Ago Prime said...


Cee said...

Winter is my favourite fashion season and I love stocking up on a variety of coats each year. I love jumpers, too, though, especially black and gray ones ;)

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