Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

Now that summer is practically over, I'm left with memories of just chilling in the outdoor areas of pubs/bars/restaurants, and enjoying some food and a nice summery cocktail.

But the darker and colder days doesn't mean we can't still enjoy a nice summery drink, and especially a good G&T, which is my drink of choice, especially in the summer. Not necessarily a cocktail, it's a drink that still needs to get its proportions and ingredients right. There was this one time I tried to make it without ice and a lemon - that didn't end well.

 photo 2014-09-01201256_zpsc87e7e2b.jpg

Lucky for me, Cat is an expert mixologist and has perfected the art of a G&T. This means that when Waitrose asked me to have a look through their Cellar, I knew it would have to be gin and it would have to be made during a girly night in.

So on a very cold and wet Monday, we picked up some tonic and prepared for our night in (I was only a bit delicate on Tuesday). We got all out ingredients and equipment, warmed up some popcorn and we were good to go.

 photo 2014-09-01201431_zps0f9d20b8.jpg

 photo 2014-09-01201442_zps2165fbb1.jpg

 photo 2014-09-01201621_zps9fe67241.jpg

We ended up having a wonderful night in, filled with gossip and giggles and most of the bottle was gone by the time I left.

There are so many amazing summer cocktails you can try out, even if summer is slowly fading away. Be sure to check out some recipes here.

What's your favourite summer cocktail?

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

Love it!
Cheers, darling!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a pretty cocktail!


Maria Fallon said...

Gin and tonic is my favourite too!

Maria xxx

Cee said...

I'm a wine girl through and through - in the summer I love a chilled rose. But I do also enjoy the occasion cocktail in the summer, especially if I'm out for brunch. A mimosa with fresh orange juice is never a bad choice!

Imogen said...

I definitely love a nice cold moscato rosa the most. Actually I am enjoying one right now

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