Saturday, 9 August 2014

Save the Sea with EJF

EJF - Environmental Justice Foundation - have launched a new ethical project, raising money to protect the sea.
The charity has, over the years, produced a number of organic and fair trade t-shirts, working with a lot of different designers. The new 'Save the Sea' collection has just been released with 100% of proceeds going towards work to help with the protection of the marine system as well as awareness of the importance of looking after the oceans.

 photo Pictures17_zps7c4274e0.jpg

The collection has designers Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge  DeNimes behind it, with each designer having a story behind their designs.
Emma Cook used a photo-realistic depiction of the sea bed, showcasing its beauty; Patternity used data about the depletion of the sea grass to show the effects that bottom trawling has; and Serge DeNimes used the bold 'Drop in the Ocean' slogan.

 photo Pictures18_zps93919f55.jpg

I think these t-shirts look great and they're for a good cause. A number of celebrities have been modelling them too and it's such a fantastic and fun way to spread the word about a serious issue that we're facing. The t-shirts are stylish as well as important and I'll definitely be rocking one of them.

You can buy these t-shirts online at Just For.

Sherin xx

Pics taken by Stephanie Sian Smith for EJF.


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing cause and cute tees!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

LOVE the 'Drop in the Ocean' tee!!


Cee said...

Such cute tees - it's even better that they're for a good cause, but I'd like them either way ;)

Allison said...

Those are so cute! Sometimes those charity tees end up being super ugly, but these are stylish and support an awesome movement!

Winnie said...

Really cute tees- nice to see such a variety of prints too!

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