Wednesday, 2 July 2014

East Coast Live with F&F

I love live music and I hated that I missed Glastonbury this weekend. But luckily, F&F Clothing had me covered. They sent me over to Ipswich and gave me a pair of tickets to East Coast Live, as well as an outfit for my and my friend, Lisa.

 photo SAM_2759_zpsc8ce9bda.jpg

Dress - FandF
Jacket - Free People
Shoes - FandF

 photo SAM_2760_zpsa7280a47.jpg

While I was a bit concerned that this dress was a bit bright, I embraced it early on and ended up really falling in love with the dress. It fit so well and loved the material. I toughened up the look a bit with a leather jacket and these little boots too.

 photo SAM_2762_zps88974739.jpg

 photo SAM_2763_zps55452753.jpg

We had press passes to the event and it was great hanging out backstage. We had access to the media lounge and caught a few live celebrity interviews, not to mention bumped into a lot of the acts while out and around, including Marvin (JLS), a few of the girls from The Saturdays, Jesse J and the boys from The Vamps. I also got little chats in with Josh from Union J and Jason Derulo. 

 photo 2014-06-28151745_zps181c71bc.jpg

 photo 2014-06-28160049_zpse8a10064.jpg

I loved being backstage and watching the live music from the best possible angle. It was surreal being so close to some huge acts - there was a moment when I was standing shoulder to shoulder with Jesse J, and we had a great view to some of the music. We also got to see Jason Derulo and his groups pre gig warm up, which included a rap off and dance off - definitely entertaining to watch. 

 photo 2014-06-28151248_zpscf8ac587.jpg

 photo 2014-06-28170623_zpsa48e6d1a.jpg

Sherin xx


Kimberlee said...

Lucky you... got to hang out with hot dudes lol

Love the outfit... perfect for a music festival :)

Susu Paris Chic said...

Bright it is but bright is lovely... plus you cut it off just the right rockey style with the moto jacket. Here it's super duper hot at the moment... heading out to the pool. Hugs from Canada!

Cee said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun and surreal experience! And as for the shade of that dress, it is bright but I feel like that just makes it a natural partner for black pieces like your jacket and boots - it stands out so beautifully against them!

eni k. said...

Lucky you!!!! I think it was a good me your look was really perfect for that day. Kisses,

Allison said...

You look stunning (surprise, surprise, you always do!). This is a fantastic outfit for a festival (and celeb meeting). It sounds like an awesome opportunity - you seriously do the BEST things.

Ida said...

That dress is so cool :) - love it !! :)

Harriet T said...

I love that dress! Your festival look is amazing!

Lily Lipstick said...

This looks like an amazing day - love the colour of your dress! x

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