Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bastille with #HPConnectedMusic

Three days before my birthday, my favourite band - Bastille - had an epic one off gig with HP, so naturally I had to be there.
This is part of HP Connected Music, where HP get some amazing artists to do one off gigs, fused with technology. I've seen Bastille live before and they were incredible, and this gig lived up to all my expectations.

 photo 2014-07-23185944_zpsb60e137a.jpg

Dan from the band has a great presence on stage and it was so much fun being in the crowd and watching him perform. I  love that they have both fast paced songs and slower songs too, so that there's a nice mix in the set.

 photo 2014-07-23210630_zpse1b0be97.jpg

 photo 2014-07-23212437_zps3a66ff4a.jpg

HP had a surprise in store for everyone too. During 'Of the Night', the crowd was able to control a light show with their feet as jumping on different points of the venue added different lights to the show, connecting the fans to the music even more. It was done so well and was such a unique experience to watch from above. 

 photo 2014-07-23212726_zps798854b5.jpg

Sherin xx

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