Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nails Inc at House Of Fraser

I love nail polishes - if you know me and see me regularly, you'll notice that my nails are very rarely unpainted.

Nails In is one of my favourite brands for Nail Polish and I love how you can get them from anywhere. You can get them from House of Fraser, with some exclusive colours too.

I had fun trying out some of the newer, more unique nail polishes out there and I've been rocking them this past week.

 photo 2014-06-11203451_zps8e21c8ed.jpg

I got three types - magnetic nail polish, Gel effect and Concrete I tried out the concrete and loved it. The blue is nice and vibrant while the concrete effect is done so well. I definitely can't wait to try this out in different colours.

 photo 2014-06-11203507_zps5db3333d.jpg

The neon Gel Effect was lovely too. I already had this in purple, which I loved, so was really excited to try out the pink. I was even more so impressed as the neon isn't too bright or 'in your face'. The gel effect is a nice alternative to normal polishes. It's got a great shiny finish and lasts forever, with no chipping. 

 photo 2014-06-11203519_zpsa98911cc.jpg

I haven't tried the magnetic one as yet, but I love the colour green so can't wait to give it a go. Everyone goes one about how great magnetic polishes are so I'm so excited to try it out myself. 

Sherin xx

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