Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bombay Gin Bartender Competition

Something a bit different today, but nonetheless something I love talking about: bartenders. I've met some great ones in my time (including the woman who made me a pink drink at lunch one day because it looked like I needed it).
Bombay Sapphire has just crowned Remy Savage of France as the winner of their World's Most Imaginative Bartender competition. I love seeing the different tricks and things bartenders do and come up with so this is definitely an achievements.

The theme this ear was to create a cocktail inspired by the competition's chosen location, with was England. The winning cocktail, Paper Anniversary, was inspired by Savage's visit to the Bombay Sapphire distillery - Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire. The ingredients included Bombay Sapphire (of course), homemade paper syrup and a dash of salt solution - all stirred and served.

There were over 3500 competing bartenders, with a expert panel of experts judging the competition. Remy Savage wins a place in the Cocktail Hall of Fame in the Bombay Sapphire distillery, a prize fund and the opportunity to work with Virgin Atlantic to create a new signature cocktail for flights from Heathrow to JFK.

Sherin xx

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