Monday, 24 March 2014

Keeping it Casual

Last week was an insane week. I had 5 nights out, so as you can imagine, I was a bit tuckered out on Sunday. I did have to pop out to sort out my mum's Mother's Day present, but wanted to keep my look as casual as possible. Although, I did end up buying a lot more for myself. Whoops.

 photo SAM_1776_zpsc1344c36.jpg

T-shirt - Black White Denim
Jeans - Warehouse
Shoes - Jones Bootmakers
Sunglasses - Ray Bans

 photo SAM_1781_zps8dea90ae.jpg

I absolutely love this t-shirt from Black White Denim. They've just released a collection of basics, made from luxury cotton. This t-shirt is a great basic to have. Black and white t-shirts are my usual go to's when it's warm, so this black t-shirt is going to be worn a lot by me! The rest of the collection also see's various tops that everyone should have in their wardrobe and, if they're anything like this t-shirt, they'll be really soft and comfortable as well. 

 photo SAM_1785_zps72361ab4.jpg

The last week also saw me introduce four new pairs of shoes to my collection. That's well over 200 pairs - wow! But these ones will definitely one my most worn. While I stick to heels most of the time, I have a few staple flats for when my feet need a break, and these will be added to that list. They're just so cute with the sling back, and I love the nude colour. Jones Bootmakers definitely do incredible and really great quality shoes. 

 photo SAM_1793_zpsb4d4a032.jpg

One of the big joys of seeing the sun is sunglasses! After my heavy week, which had me on very little sleep, my eyes looked awful, with dark circles, so sunglasses did a great job of hiding them.

 photo SAM_1789_zpsa21e3a85.jpg

Sherin xx


Lily Lipstick said...

Love these shoes! 200 pairs is impressive! x

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Those shoes!!


Cee said...

Isn't that always the way - going out to buy a present for someone else and come home with several for yourself! Happens to me all the time ;) I must say, I'm amazed by the number of pairs of shoes you have... and mostly that you find room to store them all! But this pair is such a perfect basic, I can see them working in so many different looks.

Johanna V said...

Great casual look - and I really love those adorable shoes! ♥

Couture Carrie said...

Perfect casual look.
Love those flats!


Ida said...

Love the casual look :)

Allison said...

This is totally my style in a nutshell - simple, and pulled together (though when I do it, I still don't look as chic as you!). 200 pairs of shoes is totally fine - you wear them all ;) It's well worth the splurge.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Cute shoes, Sherin! A black T-shirt ahould be a staple in everyone´s closet, they´re so versatile. :)

Maria Fallon said...

I can't believe you have so many shoes, it makes my 80 or so pairs look tame ;)

Maria xxx

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