Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Any excuse to dress up

I seriously love dressing up - I'm such a girl. I love putting on a pretty dress, paired with killer heels and sparkly accessories. And I definitely prefer being over dressed to underdressed, especially in the summer. I wear designer and bold dresses for casual days to the park or for just chilling.

 photo SAM_1407_zpsf7bffba4.jpg

Dress - George at Asda
Necklace - George at Asda
Shoes - Guess

 photo SAM_1401_zps39cd35ce.jpg

We had the sun shining on us this weekend, so I took this dress out for a spin. I can't believe it's George at Asda. They're definitely come a really long way! It's such a pretty princess-esque dress and I love the tulle around the bottom. I can't wait to just wear this dress for various occasions this summer. Seriously impressed with the quality too - it's such a well made piece. The George stylists chose the necklace for me and it's the perfect accessory for the dress. It's such a fun statement piece to have. 

 photo SAM_1416_zpsb44d4ba6.jpg

And look at these amazing Guess shoes. They caught my eye a while ago and I'm so excited that they're part of my (ever growing) shoe collection. Black ankle booties are a preference of mine when it comes to shoes so naturally I was drawn to these ones. I love the print on the back and they have a chain round the front too. Once it stops raining, I'll be wearing them out and about too. 

 photo SAM_1412_zps6c1af2c7.jpg

Sherin xx


Dressing Up For Me said...

Such a pretty dress and love those booties with leoprad print! :)

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

The dress, the necklace...hello, I'm in love!


Jess Shanahan said...

Glad it's not just me that likes to dress up. Honestly, any excuse. Bring on summer! x

Cee said...

A tulle dress and shoes with leopard? You couldn't have added anything to this look that could have made me love it more, it's so perfect. And look at that sun! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful dress. You look amazing :) <39

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing dress, darling!
You look gorgeous!


Ida said...

You looks so sweet in that dress :)

Ida said...

You looks so sweet in that dress :)


Dressing up is so much fun ... always! What beautiful shots of you, and those heels are fabulous indeed!

Natasha Hill said...

Aw, you look lovely Sherin and the boots go so well with the dress too!

Allison said...

You really do look like a princess! You're so gorgeous, Sherin, and this dress was MADE for you.
Glad you got to enjoy the sunny weather :)

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