Saturday, 18 January 2014

London's Cocktail Bars

I write this as I suffer from a heavy head after spending the night at a Cocktail Bar in Central London. They're my favourite places to visit and always have such a great vibe, with some fantastic mixes of both cocktails and mocktails.

Design My Night, who focus on some of the best nightlife in cities across the UK and sent over a list of what their favourite cocktail haunts in London and I can't wait to try the ones one the list which I haven't been to before.

Light Bar - I've always wanted to go here - I've heard the lights really really add to the decour, with some great colours and tones, while they have some bespoke cocktail flavours too. I love experimenting, so unique ones are always fun to try out.

 photo Hifashionsite-LightBar_zpsf7de5652.jpg

Opium - Now this is one I haven't heard of. It's located in Chinatown, but is hard to find, with just a green door. It's one of those you don't know it's there unless you know it's there haha! It serves some nice dim sum, so it's great if you're a fan.

 photo Hifashionsite-Opium_zps0815f7f6.jpg

London Cocktail Club - This is one place that I actually love. It's always so much fun to go in there, and the drinks are delicious, with a great vibe in the whole place. It's got a great chilled out atmosphere so is great if you're out, catching up with friends.

 photo hifashionsiteLondonCocktailClubGoodgeStreet_zpsda189c3a.jpg

Artesian - Another one I can't wait to try out. They won the 'World's Best Bar' for their Bloody Marys, and the award winning cocktail menu is bound to have you impressed. This is a definite must visit venue!!

 photo hifashionsite-Artesian_zps2d7a7a92.jpg

Callooh Callay - A favourite of celebrities, this Shoreditch based bar sounds like it'll be a lot of fun to visit. It has comic book menus, a secret room hidden behind a a wardrobe and expert mixologists. This place screams Sherin and I think I have to visit. I can see it becoming a new favourite place for me.

 photo hifashionsite-CalloohCallay_zps12f7a631.jpg

While I'm taking it easy this January (except for last night, the friday before and probably next friday), I do have some fun nights out planned with the best friend in February, so some of these are definitely on my list to visit. Not to mention some old favourites!!

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

So fun and fabulous!


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Each one looks more fab than the last - incredibly elegant and chic!!


Lily Lipstick said...

I love Light Bar and London Cocktail Club has been on my list of places to go for ages! x

Ida said...

That Cocktail bar looks so good :)

Jodi H said...

Who doesn't love a good cocktail. Would love to be able to visit all of these great looking places

April said...

Hot damn, those all look amazing.

Harriet T said...

As someone atemptinto do dry January this is a very dangerous blog psot for me! They all sound so good, I am going to be making up for my booze free month in February for sure!


Light Bar sounds nice. London Cocktail Club is right up my path. :) Thanks for sharing. x/Madison

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