Monday, 9 December 2013

Take 10 Challenge 31: Jarlo Dress

The latest Take 10 item was provided kindly by Jarlo. When I first saw the dress, I was breathless. It's probably one of the prettiest pieces in my wardrobe by far. It's just such an elegant and beautiful dresses ever. There was a mild panic over the fact that I had no where to wear it as it was too pretty, so I'm now looking for the ultimate NYE party so that I have an excuse to wear it to a proper occasion.

 photo SAM_0855_zps1bb1c5db.jpg

Dress - Jarlo London

 photo SAM_0852_zps3e8a071b.jpg

 photo SAM_0851_zps02669c19.jpg

In the meantime, I thought a complete contrast, with a derelict background, would work to show off the beauty of the dress. These pictures are actually taken in our loft - we're having a conversion put in, so it's all over the place at the moment. But I do get a lovely view of the garden.

 photo SAM_0827_zpsf4f86b24.jpg

 photo SAM_0828_zps87e978f8.jpg

Jarlo do some really pretty pieces, and I know we all had fun styling our respective pieces. It started off as a market stall in the world famous Portobello Road Market, selling dresses, and has now grown into an international website. The collection is full of some really beautiful pieces, with there being a huge selection online.

 photo SAM_0838_zps2163b991.jpg

 photo SAM_0831_zps00ed308f.jpg

And here's other the other girls all styled their pieces:

 photo Take10jarlo_zps4e40059a.jpg

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Sherin xx


Sofies closet said...

Oh, this dress is SO beautiful on you. I love the color :D

HazelxJoy said...

Wow! such a lovely dress and it does look good in that setting :)
I have a Hollywood themed party coming up in January so I might just find myself over on the Jarlo website...


Smashing outfit Sherin! You look absolutely beautiful! :-) xx/Madsion

Style Eyes said...

The dress looks amazing on you and I love the way you have photographed it too, beautiful!

Allison said...

That color is so gorgeous on you - and you are gorgeous to begin with, and a good model! I love everything about this post and your life, girl.

Cee said...

What an absolutely stunning dress! Jarlo has certainly come a long way, and it's no wonder when you see how gorgeous their pieces are. Even if you never have anyone truly special enough to wear this, I would just wear it around the house - its too pretty not be enjoyed :)

Analisa said...

That dress is so beautiful on you!


April said...

Oh my Gosh that dress is beautiful. I would totally feel like a princess in that.

Ida said...

That dress is so pretty on you :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love the pastel shade of the dress! :)

Kimberlee said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the idea of posing in front of construction hehe brilliant!

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