Friday, 27 December 2013

Outfits of 2013

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I, sadly, sprained my finger so have been suffering for a few days. I did get the chance to go through my favourite outfits of 2013 and I liked looking through it. My style has definitely evolved a bit over the year. I think it's become a lot more classic and grown up, with me opting for pieces that can work season after season. I've also definitely realised that I prefer dressing for the summer. I need it to be warm again asap.

 photo Pictures10_zpsc469c3b2.jpg

1) I think this was my first outfit of the year. I love this dress and think the Vans go nicely with them.
2) Such a pretty dress, worn in Dubai. I love the light colours and print so much.
3) A little bit cold here. I secretly want it to snow now so I can bring out my bright scarf.
4) First days of Spring in London. I love the green top and I need to find these shoes again!
5) I'm obsessed with these shorts, again in Dubai. The leopard print flats are so cute.
6) So much love for this tank - it's such a fun piece to have that goes with everything.
7) Pretty similar to the picture before, haha. But these summer flats are so cute.
8) This top was worn a lot this year! A definite favourite. I love the heels too.

 photo Pictures11_zps9ba117a2.jpg

9) A common look this year: jeans, top, heels. It worked for me and I could wear it for any occasion.
10) I have NO idea where this dress is now, but I have to find it before summer hits again.
11) One of my ultimate favourite looks of the year. I've worn those shoes and the skirt to death this year.
12) I went to the beach and decided heels was a good idea. I regret nothing.
13) A more laid back outfit, but I still think it works. The skirt is one of my favourites.
14) I wore this outfit for 21 hours: from work to an insane night out and it transitioned so well.
15) I went to Paris and impulse bought Louboutins. Love them so much!
16) One of my friends got married this year so naturally I had to get traditionally dressed up.

 photo Pictures12_zpsb756787f.jpg

17) I wasn't initially a fan of this dress, but it's really grown on me and I can't wait to wear it more.
18) This outfit was perfect for a morning after I'd partied till 3am. The top is stunning and look: glasses.
19) I didn't think I could pull of pleather, but this jacket changed my perception. It's so cool looking.
20) I have these shorts in two colours (see no 5) and Dubai is the only place warm enough to wear them.
21) Another black dress. I love how the skirt on this one puffs out a bit.
22) I do love wandering around London in the Autumn, and I'm currently living in this jumper.
23) After getting a makeover done, I had to put on this blue dress. Another outfit that I wore on a night out.
24) My Christmas Day dress. It's such a classic piece that I can wear to so many parties.

And my favourite outfit of the year was definitely this stunning Jarlo dress

 photo SAM_0831_zpsd25b7f9b.jpg

I feel like I now need to sort out my closet because I haven't seen some of these pieces in months and even forgot I had them. Whoops.

Check out my favourite outfits from 2011 and 2012 too.

Sherin xx


waitera22 said...

Wow you look good in each outfit however my fav has to be 1,13,19 x

Couture Carrie said...

So many amazing looks!
Especially loving #23!


MILEX said...


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

# 15 is my favorite. You always look stunning, Sherin!!


Style Eyes said...

Love all of your 2013 outfits. Definitely a great way to remind yourself of what you have stashed away. Have a happy new year Sherin!

Lorna, literally. said...

Errrrm wow, those Louboutins!!! So jealous Sherin!

- Tabitha at Scared Toast x

lick burger said...

Love this!!!

Danielle said...

Cute outfits, especially 19 and 23. said...

Love that last dress!

ana said...

You have a lovely style but my favorites are the last outfits of the year... my style is also classic so I have loved all of your dresses the last one is absolutely amazing!!

Sherin I hope you finger is better now... I wish you a late Christmas and a Happy New Year full of health, success and love...

hugs from Mexico

Kimberlee said...

Oh no, hope your finger is ok!

I like #8, #24 and the last one of course!

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