Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day

For those of you that don't know, this Friday is Christmas Jumper Day, which see's workplaces, schools etc encouraging everyone to wear funny Christmas jumpers. This is all in aid of Save The Children, where you donate £1 to wear a Christmas Jumper, and the money raised will go towards helping children around the world.

So many brands have a wide range of Christmas Jumpers this year and there are some great options of what to wear, from cute to outright tacky. ASOS in particular has a great range of jumpers. I really love the Santa ones, and anything with a reindeer is bound to be a winner.

 photo Pictures8_zps18d77fb9.jpg

And don't forget ASOS has a discount going on so you can get a bargain on some Christmas goodies. Check it out here.

Sherin xx


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Ooh, these are so adorable!

On the top row I love the ones on the far left and the far right. On the bottom row I love the one on the far left. So cute!!


Audrey Allure said...

The pug & the reindeer ones are so cute!

Rose-et-Violet said...

It's nice to see a fun workplace tradition for charity! I love the pug sweater and the snowman sweater!


Carolina Krews said...

cute sweaters ;) xx

Cee said...

I have yet to jump on the Christmas jumper bandwagon - we don't do it for charity in Canada or I would have been much more willing - but honestly, I think I have to soon. The jumpers are taking a real turn away from hideous. I mean really, the pink fair isle one is actually quite cute!

Imogen said...

I didn't know about this day but its the best idea. So fun too. Christmas jumpers are pretty amazing. I have a snowflake jumper... That could count as a Christmas jumper. I always think it does because it's such a similar style.

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