Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Secret Santa with John Lewis

You might remember this post, where I mentioned that I would be taking part in Secret Santa project. Well, I officially got my present from an anonymous blogger and I'm VERY VERY happy with my present. Seriously the greatest Secret Santa present ever.

 photo SAM_0815_zps2f5cbac2.jpg

I got this ridiculously cool docking station for my iPod. I seriously love it. We all know that the only thing I love more than fashion is music, so it's amazing that the blogger who had me managed to pick out this fact and choose this for me. I have a really varied playlist, and I'm enjoying listening to it. The sound is really clear and it just looks so cool and sleek. It's already taking prime position in my room. It also has a DAB radio and I'm definitely going to enjoy listening to my favourite music on it.

 photo SAM_0817_zps190424c0.jpg

 photo SAM_0820_zps49fb2ca8.jpg

I'm off to see The Luminaires this week so I'm listening to the album on repeat through the dock. And yes, I'm still listening to Blurred Lines because it is still such an awesome track.

I also got a blogger something through the John Lewis Secret Santa campaign. I'm not going to say who I got, but it was someone I've already met in the blogging, and is so lovely, so I hope this someone enjoys what I picked out ;).

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Sherin xx

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