Friday, 8 November 2013

John Lewis - Secret Santa

I'm definitely more in Christmas mode this year, than I have been the last few years. And in honour of this, here is a picture of me and creepy Santa:

 photo 4592312c2f5811e28fa722000a1fbcea_7_zpsc84f2cd9.jpg

 This year, I've been invited to take part in something really exciting - Secret Santa, thanks to John Lewis and their amazing Christmas Collection.

I've only done Secret Santa once before in my life and it was so exciting ripping open the packaging and not knowing what was inside (I'm usually a control freak so tell people what they should buy me for Birthday's etc).
The concept is simple: we're each given a different blogger, chosen at random by John Lewis. We then have a few days to stalk their blog and social media so that we get a feel of the things they do and don't like. Then we send off these selections to John Lewis, who will send off the presents to said blogger.

I can't wait to see who I get, and what get's chosen for me. I wonder how someone else will look at this blog and think what I like!!

Sherin xx

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