Monday, 28 October 2013

The F&F Shoot - Part Two

You all saw part one of my F&F Shoot here, and now it's time for part two. While I preferred the velvet dress, I did have fun with this one, and this one is on the site right now!

It's a lot more sophisticated than what I'm used to, but I definitely enjoyed styling it and having fun in front of the camera. I do love how the colour stands out.

 photo FF_SHERIN_211_zpsa8a0a413.jpg

 photo FF_SHERIN_227_zps73d1665c.jpg

And a group shot of the other gorgeous girls who I was modelling with: RebeccaAnnie,Caroline and Sarah.

 photo FF_EXTRAS_055_zps3ccd483b.jpg

And to tie in with this, you can also WIN a £50 voucher for F;F. There's so much on the site and it's so afforadable so £50 will get you a lot! To winning is easy; all you have to do is COMMENT BELOW and let me know which piece from the party wear collection you'd like and how you'd style it.

For an extra entry, tweet @HiFashionSherin and @ClothingAtTesco with a link to your favourite piece, along with the #FFPartywear.

This competition will end on the 4th November and is open to UK citizens too. Good Luck!

Sherin xx


Imogen said...

How exciting that there is a second part to this. You look gorgeous in both looks.


How fun, and you all look stunning. I really love your velvet dress too. :) x/Madison

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

That last shot, featuring all of you, is just fabulous!!


Kimberlee said...

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! (yes I'm yelling hehe) It is definitely very sophisticated but sometimes we gotta do it up like Audrey Hepburn hehe

Cee said...

In a way I can see why you preferred the velvet dress - the cut does seem more you. And yet, I absolutely adore this one, too, maybe because it's so different from what you normally wear and yet it really suits you. Still, the outfit with the lace cat ears takes the cake. You all look amazing in that line-up, especially you in the centre :)

Iva Moutelíková said...

Nice! :) Good you enjoyed it!

Eiva: Brighton(UK) Lifestyle Blogger

Sofies closet said...

That's so cool! I love it :D

April said...

This looks so chic. It's great to see the flirty velvet dress as well as the more professional cut. Love them.

Clare said...

OMG! Why are you so stunning?!?!?!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this series!
You look so amazing, darling!


ana said...

oMG you look stunning in that blue dress!!! like a big hollywood actress!!!

Jess Shanahan said...

I'd totally choose the velvet dress you're wearing. Amazing.

What a beautiful bunch of bloggers!

Loving Annie's outfit too.

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