Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Buckley Jewellery

I recently came across Buckley Jewellery and have absolutely fallen head over heels. The jewellery is a lot more costume than my average style, but the pieces still look really elegant and wearable for special occasions, while not breaking the bank.

The have some amazing products online, with the new AW collection being particularly stunning. There is a gothic vibe with some of the heavy silver and strong coloured stones on the jewellery. I really love the pieces with the blue and red stones, they really stand out, with the pearl pieces adding a more classic vibe to the collection.

 photo buckley_zps7c5b801b.jpg

All of Buckley's jewellery uses the finest crystals and ziconias, giving them a more real feel to them, while still remaining pieces that you can wear on a daily basis - this is exactly what I love about costume jewellery like Buckley. It's so affordable, with prices starting at £25, but they look a lot more expensive, and can be worn for all kinds of events, from day to day, to an evening party, or even a wedding.

There are also some incredible sparklier pieces, that will come in handy during the festive season, which is right on our heels now. Christmas and the new year is all about a bit of bling and glam, so some of the pieces are perfect for a party. There are gold and silver plated pieces, which will go great paired with a black dress, or more statement cocktail pieces, that will really make you stand out.

Which of these pieces are you lusting over? That necklace with the red stone definitely has my heart.

Sherin xx


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I LOVE the rings in the lower left-hand corner - so fab!! :)

Sofies closet said...

They're so beautiful :D

Cee said...

What pretty pieces! Of course I love anything sparkly - I can't help it. But fine jewelry is almost always out of my price range, so it's nice to discover lines that look like it even when they're not the real thing. Those yellow teardrop earrings are just lovely :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous pieces!
Love the rings!


Ida said...

I like all the rings :)

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

The rings and first pendant look very pretty! x

Anonymous said...

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