Friday, 27 September 2013

At the pool

I've been going for 8am dips in the pool and I love it. Once it hits 9am, it's far too hot to do much outdoors until about 4pm, so before breakfast seems like the perfect time to go to the pool. And although I find it hard to wake up early in the mornings, waking up to go to the pool is a whole new thing - I literally jump out of bed, grab my Kindle and run downstairs to the pool.

 photo 20130922_082241_zpsa044e814.jpg

Swimsuit - Volcom
Sunglasses - RayBans via Urban Surfer

 photo 20130922_082248_zps6b9b8ef4.jpg

No words to describe how much I love this onepiece. I'm not much of a bikini girl and always prefer one pieces, and this one is perfect. It's a lot more original that your average swimsuit with the diagonal strip, and I really like the print on it too.

 photo 20130922_082047_zps9d7a4eb3.jpg

I'm an intense swimmer where, instead of just lounging in the pool, I'll do several laps in one go so my swimsuits always have to be practical and comfortable too. This one works well and is so comfortable to do some fast laps.

Sherin xx

P.S. Do you like my weird tan lines? Need to even them up a bit. 


Lily Lipstick said...

I could definitely drag myself out of bed for pool time! Love this swimsuit. x

Cafe Fashionista said...

How cute is your swimsuit? Love it! :)

Tanvi said...

Cute swimsuit!!!


I love how colourful that onepiece swimsuit is. Looks great! xx/Madison

Cee said...

Oh gosh, I would so be fine with getting up at 8 am if it meant going to the pool in such intense, wonderful heat. And I'm so with you on the swimsuit thing, I've never been a bikini girl but it can be tough to find a unique one-piece. The diagonal cuts on this one are so unusual and fun!

Johanna V said...

Super cute swimsuit! And I could definitely use some time by the pool, you're one lucky girl to get to do that :) ♥ xoxo

Ida said...

Cool bikini :)

Couture Carrie said...

Wish I were lounging poolside right now...

Cute suit, darling!


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

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Please update bookmarks to Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans .


Lauren said...

That is such a cool bathing suit! Love it! xo

John Setrodipo said...

I really like your blog! I'm following you:))
Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me back as well

x John

ana said...

Your bathingsuit is sooooooo awesome!!!!

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