Monday, 19 August 2013

Wedding Outfit

Don't worry; it wasn't my wedding. This weekend one of my best friends from University, so on Sunday we all got super dressed up and headed over to the ceremony.

 photo IMG_1424_zps1411da9e.jpg

Traditional Dress
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Ring - Swag UK

 photo IMG_1420_zps99b8da4f.jpg

 photo IMG_1421_zps49cf39a4.jpg

I absolutely love dressing up for any occasion, weddings in particular. And an old friends wedding is the perfect excuse to dress up for. It was a nice reunion with some old friends, and I had a lot of fun catching up.
This is one of my favourite traditional outfits. It's not the height of fashion in the South Asian world, but I absolutely love the baggy trousers - they make me feel like Jasmin from Aladdin!

 photo IMG_1419_zpscb2a0371.jpg

I also had a lot of fun accessorising for this look. When I'm wearing such heavy and sequenced clothes, I love to keep jewellery to a minimum. Naturally my baby, the Tag watch, had to come out, but I kept it really simple with the ring, which was from SwagUK. I was asked to pick a ring from their extremely gorgeous Diamonfire range, and couldn't resist this ring. The Diamonfire range has a large range of stunning pieces and this particular piece is such a perfect ring to have - perfect for finishing off any look. 

 photo IMG_1429_zps404ad071.jpg

And I thought what better timing to get out my Sam Edelman heels. They were expensive when I bought them a few years back, and I still only ever manage to wear them about once a year, but it's my favourite day of the year! I seriously love these heels so much, and also love how they double up as a weapon, you know - just in case. I just love how much they stand out.

 photo IMG_1432_zps1c0e9e24.jpg

Me and the bride:

 photo IMG_1449-001_zps401dce7e.jpg

Sherin xx


Hazel said...

Aww you look lovely :)

Janet Taylor said...

Pretty as usual!

Maria Fallon said...

You look gorgeous here, I LOVE those shoes!

Maria xxx

Couture Carrie said...

You both look amazing!
Such exquisite fabrics on those dresses!


Style Eyes said...

You look lovely and love the picture of you with the bride in her beautiful outfit. Those shoes are amazing.

The Style Rawr said...

Absolutely beautiful, the detail is just amazing! As for those heels, SO jealous. ;) <3

Tara xo

Imogen said...

Beautiful dress, the patterns are so gorgeous. I love it how you paired your outfit with such killer shoes

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

WOW did you look gorgeous. What a beautiful ensemble. Love the sparkle!

Cinz said... look soo pretty!!!! I think that's called a sari? It looks sooo beautiful with all the jewellery detailing and i like the color.You definitely remind me of Jasmine,hehe

Love your Sam Edelman heels too! Yes, they are pretty pricey so im happy to hear you're making them to good use, lol. I was laughing when i read that you can use them as weapon, just in case, lol.

I once went to my friend's sister's wedding in London, it was Indian style, and it was such a great experience with all the dancing, food, and to see wedding traditions from a different culture. Though i gotta say, it's quite similar to chinese, especially the lovely RED wedding gown and a lot of gold jewellery:D

Have a nice day dear!


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Sherin, your traditional dress was beautiful and your picture with the bride was wonderful! Caterina

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