Sunday, 25 August 2013


I already have a Knomo bag which I absolutely love, so I was pretty excited to get a look at the new AW collection. The bags are as elegant and pretty as ever, and the brand has re branded, with a new fox logo. The fox stands for KNOwledge and MObility, where the name Knomo came from.

 photo picton_blackcherry_libertys_zpscd281d27.jpg

For those that don't know, Knomo focus on making stylish laptop bags, that will want to make you carry your laptop around town, rather than just shoving it in a backpack. Each bag contains a lot of padding and protection, so your laptop, or device, is kept as safe as possible as you go about your business.

 photo oldbury-marine_zps4685b513.jpg

As you can see there are some gorgeous collections, with the bags such as the Picton and the Wigmore really standing out - on a side note, I love some of the names of the bags. I can say from experience that each bag is crafted really well, with the best leathers and room for your technology, so that it stays in one piece. I definitely have my eye on more than one piece from the site.

 photo picton_aw13_black_front_highres_zps5934dea5.jpg

 photo wigmore_aw13_marine_threequarts_highres_zps3997559f.jpg

 photo mortimer15_walkingwithphoneandsoftbrief_zps56dc3bed.jpg

And my personal favourite, the Andromeda bag. Isn't it a beaut? I definitely need it in my life. It's such a pretty bag and looks like it's straight off the designer shelves.
 photo andromeda_aw13_black_threequarts_front_highres_zps239884f2.jpg
You can check out more from the AW Collection here.

Sherin xx

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