Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Keep Running

One of my new years resolutions was keeping fit, and to take up running, in particular. 8 months later, I still haven't been to the gym or been for a run, even once. But I feel like a cute pair of running shoes was missing in my life and now, thanks to my news Asics, I have no excuse.

 photo IMG_1337_zps652b460d.jpg

Top - Black Score,
Shorts - Boohoo
Running Shoes - Asics via SportsShoes
Sunglasses - TOMS

 photo IMG_1339_zps02c0fe6b.jpg

While this isn't the usual outfit I'd wear running, I thought I'd pair these trainers with a more everyday look to give them more wear. And if I have to run for a bus or train in this outfit, at least I'd be prepared. And how cute is the orange colour? Definitely worth going for a run if I get to stand out.

I'm thinking I actually need to take up a fun and interesting sport, so I can wear these more. So far I've settled for either squash or handball. Any recommendations welcome! 

 photo IMG_1340_zps9422d372.jpg

It's actually cooling down slightly, so the legs will have to be put away soon. I quite like the tan I picked up this summer - it was one of the best summers I've ever seen. I'm off to Barcelona next week, so will top up the tan there, then slowly say goodbye as we go into Autumn.

 photo IMG_1343_zps4bb1553c.jpg

Sherin xx


Katie B said...

love these shoes! if you're gonna do exercise, at least do it in pretty colours. :)
Bumble Speaks

Janet Taylor said...

I want that T!

Ida said...

Nice shoes Sherin :)

Couture Carrie said...

Perfect workout ensemble!
Love Asics!!!!


Imogen said...

A lovely pair of running shoes makes such a difference. I always go for the brightest pair I can find

Lizzy said...

I am the WORST at sticking to running resolutions... I hope your shoes give you the magic running boost that you need!

Btw, did you see my boy in the last Grand Prix, did yah? :D. xx

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