Saturday, 31 August 2013

Beauty UK Make Up

I love my make up. My usual look is gold/metallic eyeshadow, with black eyeliner and mascara, and some nude lips to finish the look.
I do love a bolder lip colour when the occasion calls for it, and I recently discovered Beauty UK, whose Posh Pout lip colour selection is perfect. 

 photo 2013-08-25102727_zps269093e2.jpg

The Posh Pout selection is amazing and has 6 vivid lip colours, which are intense, moisturising and rich. I got to try three of these: Power to the Purple (which is a soft plum shade); Big Pinkin (which is bright and candy pink) and How Nude (which is a soft sheer finish). The other colours are Would I Lie To You (pink with a lilac undertone); Corally Incorrect (a bright citrus tone) and Sugar Plum Fairy (which is plum with a velvet edge).

I loved the look of them, and they are so easy to apply, as well as long lasting. I loved the colours, and Power to the Purple was a definite favourite of mine out of the three. It's such a strong colour and works so well for day or evening functions. 

 photo 2013-08-25102914_zps2fa7c9c6.jpg
Big Pinkin

 photo 2013-08-25103308_zps75eae850.jpg
Power to the Purple

These are available to buy now from Beauty UK or Superdrug, and are extremely affordable, at just £2.99 each.

What are you wearing on your lips?

Sherin xx


Allison said...

These are so pretty! I love lipstick, but have such small lips that I usually stick to a gloss (Huge fan of MAC Viva Glam IV). These are so fun!

Allison said...

Also, on your Spotify list - I LOVE that Arctic Monkeys song.

Mrs. April said...

Power to the Purple looks so pretty!

- April

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE Big Pinkin! :)

Sofies closet said...

Oh my God, I love the colors! :D

Johanna V said...

Those are great colors for you, they look really pretty on your lips! ♥

Rachel @ The Redhead Fashionista said...

These lip colors are PERFECT! They both look great, but I absolutely love Power to the Purple on you. It's perfect on your skin tone.

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