Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fountain Dancing

Every once in a while it's nice to slow down a bit. I've had some pretty full on few weeks, with more coming, so on a recent day off, I went out with Danielle and we had some fun times, first at Afternoon Tea, then at a book launch.

 photo IMG_3993_zps518a159a.jpg

Cardigan - H&M
Top - Warehouse
Jeans - Either Warehouse or A Wear. All my jeans are pretty much identical, so I sometimes forget which ones I'm wearing
Shoes - Clarks via Sarenza
Bag - Steve Madden

 photo IMG_3970_zpsb0f4855c.jpg

 photo IMG_3964_zps65d4f5a9.jpg

While we had a few hours to kill between events, we wandered over to Somerset House. Now, I'm used to either seeing massive Fashion Week tents around, or the huge Christmas time ice skating ring, so it was a shock to see the space so calm and mellow. The weather was beautiful and with the combination of dancing fountains in the main courtyard, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have some fun. The natural thing to do was, obviously, run around and splash in my suede shoes.

 photo IMG_3968_zps1fe75ed6.jpg

 photo IMG_3971_zps671332d4.jpg

Yes, I proper tired myself out, but it was so much fun. The world definitely needs more fountains. I feel like the world would be a happier place if it did. My Clarks mini wedges are one of my go to shoes. I spend a lot of time in very high heels, so I go to these when I feel like a more casual look, but I still want some heigh to myself. Also, in terms of comfort, very few brands compare to Clarks shoes.

 photo IMG_3999_zpsaf441212.jpg

 photo IMG_3981_zps7b30be83.jpg

And have you seen my necklace? My mum made this specially for me last time she was in Pakistan. It translates into Sherin (my name). I have silver ring with my name in Arabic, and the two definitely compliment each other.

 photo IMG_4001_zpsee3d4191.jpg

Sherin xx


HazelxJoy said...

That does look like fun...

LillianZahra said...

Great photos! I love those shoes, perfect for walking around in. x

Milana - TastyPrettyThings said...

I love these pics. Somerset House is one of my favorite places in London :) You always look so petty and happy :)

Cee said...

These photos are amazing! I've always wanted to see fountains like these - wish I had known they had them at Somerset House when I was in London, I think I would have had a blast playing around with them, as you obviously did :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous look and pics.
What a gorgeous necklace!


Cafe Fashionista said...

You look so adorable, Sherin! I can never resist a dancing fountain either. LOVE your shoes - the blush color is beautiful. And your necklace is stunning...your mom is so talented! :)

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

Aw so cute - I love these photos! x E

Cinz said...

Somerset house looks nice! I remember Winnie from diamond canopy blogging about this place before. I really wanna go here if i ever do visit the uk again.

Love your outfit too, very casual yet very pretty:D And cute wedges!I've heard that Clarks are comfy but i have still yet to try. I just can't imagine any heels being comfy.

And what a gorge and meaning meaningful necklace! Love the mix of gold and silver in color for the necklace:)

p.s. i checked out the topshop in hk and i was completely disappointed. Not sure if my style has changed or if i've gotten older but i didn't really see anything i like,lol


Imogen said...

These photos are amazing! It totally inspires me to do the same thing. Love those shoes also

ana said...

You look so pretty! pink suits you very nicely... the necklace is amazing!!!! I've always wanted to learn arabic... you know arabs conquered Spain for 800 years so we have a lot of influence from them ;) and I've always been very interested in that part of Spanish history... I found it very romantic...

Kimberlee said...

haha the world does need more fountains. Great to see you having a great time!

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