Wednesday, 10 July 2013


As I mentioned, I was recently in Cornwall for a few days. I went on a mini family trip (5 hour car journey) and we had a lovely time exploring the St Austell beach and the Eden Project. You might have seen some of these pictures before, from my beach outfit and my Eden Project Outfit.

So our first step was the beach near our hotel. It was a stunning beach and I had fun walking around and climbing heels.

 photo Beach_zpsb98996c8.jpg

 photo Beachoutfit_zps8234a465.jpg

We spent our second day at the Eden Project. The Eden Project is a stunning place. It is a large location, full of greenery and imitation rain forests. It's a wonderful experience and I saw some amazing things. The view from the start - at the top - is amazing, and you get a great view of most of the grounds.

 photo EdenProject2_zps20f2c6a8.jpg

A large bee:

 photo Bee_zps77f52b3d.jpg

Daddy-Daughter bonding:

 photo HifashionDad_zpsa6b40f74.jpg

An amazing flower:

 photo flower_zpsc082b89c.jpg

Meet Hifashion Mum:

 photo Hifashionmum_zpsbd3a8f93.jpg

The view from the Aerial Walkway, right at the top of one of the rainforests.

 photo AerielView_zps68ceefba.jpg

 photo Aerialview2_zpsf3fdc6d6.jpg

 photo Sperry_zpsa92f52e6.jpg

Pensive thoughts, on tires, from my brother and me:

 photo Tires_zpsb897cfcf.jpg

My dream of becoming a Game of Thrones character. Not as edgy as the Iron Throne, but a wooden throne will do for now:

 photo GameofThrones_zps9dcb8738.jpg

Have you been to the Eden Project?

Sherin xx


Janet Taylor said...

Beautiful place and lovely family! :)

Susie said...

You look gorgeous!!! I miss your face. Tell your fam that I say hi! <3

ana said...

What an amazing place!!!! it looks like it was a structure from the moon! love the pics... nice meeting Hi Fashion family ;)

Ann Jacob-Chandler said...

The Eden project is one of my favourite places. They do fab concerts etc too. If only the rest of the country could be as warm and tropical as inside Eden!

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