Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Birthday Wishlist

It's not long till my Birthday - less than two weeks to be exact. It's the big 2-5 for me this year so aside from getting excited, I've also been having a mini quarter life crisis.
But I do love putting together my wishlists for my Birthday each year. The hope is always that someone I know sees the post, takes a hint, and gets me something from it. It's not happened yet, but hopefully this year.

 photo BirthdayWishlist_zps05e83fec.jpg

Celine Handbag - Totally out of my price range (for now), but the Celine's are pretty much my dream bags - definitely hoping someone gets me one this year (Daddy?????).

Warehouse Top - I love this blue top so much. And it's totally affordable, so I may have to treat myself. Alongside Zara and Mango, Warehouse is one of my favourite stores at the moment - I'm loving their collections so much.

Casio Sheen Watch - I've raved on about the Sheen collection from Casio so much in the past. I love that such an iconic brand have moved onto more contemporary designs and this one from Branded Watch Shop is so pretty.

2nd Day Dress - 2nd Day is one of my favourite brands ever. If budget allowed, it would only wear it and nothing else. This dress is so perfect - wonderful for these long summer days.

Surface Pro Tablet - You know I don't actually have a tablet at the moment. I had the iPad when it was first released but got very bored of it. Now that you can do some much more with them, I'm tempted to try one out properly. I had a play around with the Surface Pro Tab a while back and really loved it - easy to use and it looks good. If someone wants to get me a tablet, this one please.

Molami Headphones - We should all already know that I'm headphones obsessed, and already have a number of them in my room. But look at these ones. Aren't they beautiful? I definitely need to add a pair to my collection.

Barbour Jacket - I know it's scorching right now, but I'm always sceptical of the British sunshine. I just know that it might start pouring down with rain at any minute. That's why I've already started thinking about Autumn jackets. The Barbour jacket is a classic piece which my closet is lacking in. This one is from Sister Online, who have such a wide variety of designers and pieces online.

Tiffany and Co Bangle - I've always wanted a nice solid bangle that I can just leave on my wrist. This Tiffany one is stunning. I love how low key it looks, but is still classy and elegant.

Astrid and Miyu Ring - I'm a massive fan of Astrid and Miyu jewellery and love the pieces I already have. And I like unique pieces of jewellery anyway so this open ring is absolutely perfect for me. So pretty!

Bridge Camera - While I'm not a fan of smaller compact cameras, I could also never fully commit to a full on SLR. I'm not an avid photographer, so if I had one it would probably only be used for outfit pictures. A good in between is a bridge camera - one of which I currently have. I feel like it's time for a new camera though, so I'll be looking online for a new bridge camera. I'm hearing great things about this Nikon though.

What's on your Birthday wishlist?

Sherin xx


Cafe Fashionista said...

That Celine is exquisite! :)

I actually never make a birthday wishlist; I just don't like when people give me gifts. I tend to just buy {or save up for} whatever I want. :/

Unknown said...

It's my birthday next month and I think I'll do a wishlist on my blog too - although I know I won't get any of it as I'm getting money to put towards a holiday this year! xx

Natasha said...

Ooh love the camera and the Celine bag looks gorgeous. Hopefully it'll be nice and sunny on your birthday too! :) - Tasha xxx

www.janetteria.com said...

Lovely list, my dear!

Ida said...

That is a good wishlist :)

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