Monday, 22 July 2013

#BeMoreDog - Trapeze

If you're in the UK, you'll have no doubt seen O2's latest campaign: #BeMoreDog. The aim is to let people be more dog like - i.e. be more adventurous and have more fun in life. It's encouraging the public to be more excited with life and to look at all the incredible things around us.

O2 recently asked me to take part in the campaign and sent me two boxes: a Be More Dog box, which would have a fun experience inside; and a Be More Cat box, which would have something more relaxing inside. This was a complete no brainer. Anyone who knows me will know that I love a good experience, and I always say Yes, so I got the combination for the box from O2 to see what was in store for me this weekend and it was a class to learn how to static trapeze.

 photo 2013-07-21152048_zps64f65662.jpg

Now, I have a slight obsession with the circus and all the acrobats and acts with it. I go to the circus every time it's in town, and once took my little cousin as an excuse and ignored him as he cried the whole way through - true story. I love everything about it and have always wanted to learn how to do some of the moves, so I was really REALLY excited to do a class at the Aircraft Circus in South London.

 photo IMG_1301_zpsf147e291.jpg
I started with the basics - just hanging and learning to hang upside down. A LOT harder than it all looks. I had to hang from the rope, then lift my legs over, through my arms, then over my head, then lift them up again to clasp them onto the rope and tighten them, so I'm hanging over upside down. Then I had my hands let go so I was fully vertical.

 photo IMG_1307_zps3ca649a1.jpg

I'm surprised how quickly I picked this up. My leg and upper body strength seriously surprised me as I was hanging there. The swing was a few feet in the air, so it did require some muscle work.
Next step was harder - I had to sit on the swing. I have to admit - it was a very comfortable swing, and I now feel like I need one in my room that I can climb and sit on. This is when I really had to use my upper body strength to lift myself up and climb up on the seat. 

 photo IMG_1303_zpsf85c1f28.jpg

 photo IMG_1306_zpscb40b787.jpg

Then the real fun began. I was then able to do some moves, while sitting on the swing, and I might have started showing off then - at this point I was like - this is the most fun thing ever!
My first move was the 'Gazelle'. It's where I sit glamorously on the swing, to one side, with my foot in the air, while my head hung off, upside down again. It took a few goes to perfect, then I like to think I did it like an expert.

 photo IMG_1309_zps610062b0.jpg

 photo IMG_1310_zps31d195ea.jpg

 photo IMG_1316_zpsfe5b3b37.jpg

I can tell you what though - when you have to take off your hands and dangle, with just your legs, it's scary at first, then you get used to it and by the end of my class I was getting to this move in seconds. This has nothing to do with my talents, but in fact my trainer - she was brilliant. She knew exactly what I was able to do, and because it was a one to one, she could really help me out.

My final move was no doubt the hardest, and I was told not one that's easy to pick up - which made me feel better when it took a few goes for me to do. It was literally hanging completely upside down and dangling. After this picture was taken, I was even convinced to let go with my hands, so it was just my legs around the rope keeping me up. I still can't believe I accomplished this. I never thought I would be able to do something like this! Dangling upside down like that is such an incredible experience. It is seriously exhilarating, especially as the swing dangles a bit.

 photo IMG_1318_zps8ed83987.jpg

This was definitely one of the funnest experiences I've done. I'm so glad I chose to Be More Dog, and I can't wait to start doing more unique experiences like this. Aircraft Circus were brilliant and did a fab job training me up. I definitely recommend hitting up a class like this if you get the chance. I did get a few blisters on my hands, but it was so worth it and it's something I'll remember I did for years to come.

What have you been doing lately to Be More Dog?

Carpe Diam - it means 'Grab the frisbee'.

Sherin xx


Style Eyes said...

I haven't been doing anything lately to be more dog! this looks great fun though.

Rachel said...

That third picture, you look so impressed to be hanging there!

Lily Lipstick said...

This looks like a lot of fun! x

Imogen said...

This looks so fun. I would be so excited if I had the chance to do it

Cee said...

I saw your snaps of this on instagram and I have to admit, I was seriously envious; I always wanted to join the circus, ha ha. I'm going to have to see about going to a circus school in Paris now, because you have me really intrigued!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! This looks like SUCH an awesome class, Sherin! I have to find something like this where I live!! :)

Johanna said...

Look at you, how fun! Love that you're doing this!

Marin said...

I just see lots of photos of your bum :)

Joking, looks like you had fun!

Ida said...

That looks so much fun :)


This looks like loads of fun, so exciting that you're doing activities like this. I would love to do this. xx/Madison

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing job!
Must try it!


kirstyb said...

i would be so rubbish at this! but reminds me of CB in SATC x

Kimberlee said...

Looks like so much fun!

Love the idea of this campaign :)

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