Friday, 14 June 2013

The Abseil Outfit

As you would have read, I went abseiling over the weekend, and while it was a hard task, an equally difficult struggle was deciding what to wear - ok, slight exaggeration, but it was still a hard choice. While I was tempted to do it in heels, or wedges at least, I decided against it and settled on a very comfortable outfit, that was more practical than fashion.

 photo 2013-06-08143536_zps6ac13f25.jpg

Hoody - H&M
Jeans - H&M

 photo 2013-06-08143513_zps4c34f937.jpg

So, it didn't hit me on the day to take any outfit pictures, so I'm afraid you're stuck with these ones, taken from a distance, but you get the gist. My jeans are ones I've worn so often that they're probably moulded to my body shape - exactly what I needed on the day. And a hoody, because it got cold at the top, and it was windy while I was coming down.
And of course, a comfortable pair of trainers. I love Onitsuka Tiger - they're really solid and served me well on the day. I was impressed just how great they were for the it. So for future reference: if you're ever abseiling down a glass building, Onisuka Tiger trainers is what your life needs.
There's a great selection of Onituska Tigers over at Sarenza. I definitely recommend getting yourself a pair - they're a sturdy shoe, that also come in a lot of cute colours and styles.

 photo 2013-06-010_zps5e1e925b.jpg

I'm guessing this is me doing some flirting:

 photo 2013-06-08143509_zps059fe781.jpg

What do you wear when you need to be as comfortable as possible?

Sherin xx


Style Eyes said...

Well done for doing the abseiling! It looks super scary and a very high tower. said...

I agree with Style Eyes! :)

Cee said...

I don't even know how I would go about choosing an outfit for something like abseiling - as fun as it would be do it in all glammed up, I'm sure it would be terrifying enough in sneakers! My most comfortable outfits usually consist of a turtleneck, skinnies and boots - I'm a winter girl at heart :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the shoes! Comfort, for me, is Converse or Keds - feet come first! :P

Isabel said...

i wear yoga pants when i need to be comfortable. but i dont normally leave the house in them lol

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion


This type of outfit would be tricky, I suppose some type knit would work, but when we went bungee jumping I wore denim because I wanted thick protection on my legs for some reason. :) Have a great weekend.

Couture Carrie said...

So cute!
Love the sneaks!


Natalie said...

Loving the sneakers! I would wear yoga pants and a loose tee!

Maria Fallon said...

Good choice of outfit, heels may have been a little dangerous ;) A little red dress always makes me feel comfortable!

Maria xxx

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