Monday, 17 June 2013

Style In View's most fashionable ladies

I was recently asked to work with Style in View and share my list of the most iconic and fashionable ladies. I had fun picking my icons, and the over all list has just been released. Naturally Kate Middleton topped the list, with Victoria Beckham in second and Cheryl Cole in third (although, I'm not a Cheryl fan if I'm honest)

The list also features the likes of the super glam Kate Moss, Rhianna and Cara Delevignne. While the least best dressed list has the obvious Katie Price, Jodi Marsh, Madonna and Kim Kardashian, amongst others.
The survey also interestingly showed that men and women differ on what they see as attractive. The data also showed that nearly half of the men asked had lied about how their partner looks, while more and more women are asking their men for opinions on their looks.

I'm happy to see Kate Middleton top of the list. It's nice to see a modest dresser up there, rather than one of those celebs that feels the need to take off all their clothes to get attention. Kate has a sophisticated style that is both glamorous and appropriate.

Style in View aims to have a wide range on the site so that you can get what you want in no time. It's a new shopping experience that lets you compare fashion and get some inspiration, while the team is always picking the best selections.

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