Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nooka Watch

I do love a good watch. I have a core collection now, but I love adding new ones to it. I've really been enjoying this particularly bright one which I got a few weeks back.

The brand is Nooka and I'm so inn love with the watch right now. The pink silicone with the LED screen is such  perfect contrast. I got the watch via Urban Surfer, and I'm so thankful for the introduction to the brand. Nooka appear to do some really cool watches and sunglasses so no doubt I'll be keeping an eye open on the brand.

 photo Nookawatch_zps170354c8.jpg

The watch itself is really soft and feels so comfortable on my arm. I love the layout of the clock face, with each minute showing as a line. I quite like the chunky feel to it too: it just sits perfectly on my watch. It's also pretty durable, so this is the watch I'll opt to wear on my more 'adventurous' days. 

 photo pinkwatch_zps05d8da99.jpg

What watch do you have these days?

Sherin xx


Cafe Fashionista said...

I am so in love with the color of this watch - gorgeous! :)

ana said...

I love the watch is sooo coool! I don't wear watches!!! it's been a while... but I'm thinking of wearing them again!

Imogen said...

Wow it is so cool, the colour is amazing and I love how it makes a statement. I only have the one watch but I wear it everyday because it is so reliable and I've had it for ages too.

Unknown said...

Love this shade!! looks so futuristic

HazelxJoy said...

LOVE this!
I swap between a leather and rose gold classic style watch, a completely white ceramic watch and a bright pink sports watch. I'd love more watches as I think they can really set off and outfit and are often over looked as an accessory.

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