Monday, 24 June 2013


I can't believe it is this cold again at the end of June. we've had to dig up our coats, boots and hoodies again after a gust of bad weather hit up. Talk about worst summer ever.

 photo hifashionoutfit2_zps57bd7ef6.jpg

Coat - Warehouse
Jeans - A Wear
Tank - H&M

 photo LIKETank_zpsec32e7c4.jpg

It was so windy while taking these pictures, but I'm still smiling strong. I had a wonderful afternoon at my friend Cat's house, where we polished off a box of chocolates and a bag of popcorn, while making some very fun plans for later this summer. So excited. And I do have some fun plans over the next few weeks which I'm really excited for - so the smile was staying strong!

 photo awearjeans2_zps7a6aea61.jpg

And also love this LIKE tank. I need it to be warmer so that I can wear it without layers. It is so cute and fits in perfectly with my love of social media!

 photo windyoutfit_zps355e8fac.jpg

Safe to say Vans definitely still do the coolest womens trainers around. I have a lot of their classics, in various colours, but decided to edge out a bit more with these cool high tops. They're suede and just look pretty amazing and sleek. I need to wear them more often. I actually got them a while back and only just re discovered them. 

 photo vans_zps08bbf2ad.jpg

Also, while I have you all, who is watching The Returned? It is pretty amazing TV. I only have one other friend who watches it, so I'm definitely in need of having a proper talk through everything!

I have a very fun week planned too. As you read this, I shall be en route to Cornwall to spend a couple of days getting some much needed fresh air!

Sherin xx


Katya R. said...

You look fab on the pictures! Nit fan of sporty outfits but love how you look happy and spontaneous here :) said...

Such a comfy outfit!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your top is so much fun; and I LOVE those sneaks! :)

HazelxJoy said...

We might just have to get used to these crappy summers...
Like the LIKE top - great colour - red is so good to brighten up a drab day!
I think I'm going to have to start watching The Returned on iPlayer, I've heard so many people talking about how good it is.

Isabel said...

i feel sorry for you guys freezing over there :(

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Couture Carrie said...

Cute look and pics, darling... love the Vans!

Cornwall sounds amazing :)


Gittemary said...

Lovely! <3

Huge hugs

Ida said...

That are som were sweet picters of you :)

Isabella Pernille said...

Cute outfit and I love the tank :)

Maria Fallon said...

Love this top, apparently, this weather is here to stay :(

Maria xxx

Brooke Davis said...

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Winnie said...

Nope - not watched The Returned but maybe I should! I'm totally all about trainers...converse, hi tops and pondering air maxes at the moment. They are just so comfy! Sounds like you have a couple of exciting weeks ahead Sherin!

Cee said...

Worst summer ever, indeed! I have friends visiting this week and they packed shorts... when we met yesterday they had both had to put on jackets just to keep warm! At least we have cute winter clothes to keep wearing, I guess. I do love those Vans :)

Sofies closet said...

Gorgeous outfit. You look so cute :D

Unknown said...

your pictures made me giggle today! Hopefully see you soon x

ana said...

come to visit me in Mexico Sherin!!! you will have a never ending summer ;)

Kimberlee said...

Wow those Keds are awesome! WOW can't believe it was cold enough for this outfit either. It's been scorching hot here in NYC or raining :/

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