Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lavazza #NewTradition

Who doesn't love coffee? And Lavazza is a front runner in the industry, with fantastic coffees and gorgeous top of the range machines.
I was really excited when they got in touch about a new challenge as part of #NewTradition. Lavazza are once again the proud sponsors of the Wimbledon, and have set us on a bit of a challenge in the run up to it.

 photo LavazzaCoffeeMachine_zps79c649d4.jpg

The challenge has gotten 15 bloggers from out the UK involved, and we'll be competing to firstly, win tickets to Wimbledon, and overall tickets to Italy, to check out Lavazza HQ - exciting stuff!

I got sent this stunning coffee machine and a bunch of coffee too. It's pretty to look at that I was almost too scared to open it and actually use it. But I've been enjoying using it and it's so easy.

 photo LavazzaWimbledon_zpsee4d9d24.jpg

 photo LavazzaWimbledonMachine_zpsfb97ce04.jpg

 photo Lavazza_zps8b42826a.jpg

Also, I think a lot of you know that I'm slightly useless in the kitchen. And I have actually never used a coffee machine, so I had no idea what to do with this. Watch this video below I made with Cat, where she teaches me how to use it. Not going to lie, it's pretty funny!

Are you a Lavazza fan? What about Wimbledon? You can win tickets here.

Sherin xx


Couture Carrie said...

So awesome!
I want one!


LillianZahra said...

I really want a coffee machine but worry that I'd then constantly be drinking coffee! This one looks amazing! x

Cee said...

I wat to laugh, except I wouldn't know what on earth to do with a coffee machine, either! Except for an occasional Christmas latte at Starbucks, I've never drunk coffee... tea is so much easier! Ian would love this, though :)

Isabel said...

that looks like an awesome machine!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Unknown said...

oh wow i didn't even know Lavazza had a coffee machine like that.. i've got the nespresso.. that I LOVE.


Ida said...

That looks like som thing, there can makes so good coffee :)

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